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Item List

Delivery Service

Cape Wire ensures timely delivery of wire products to customers. Whether it’s a small order or a large project, their delivery service ensures that products reach the specified location efficiently.

Online Instant Messaging

Cape Wire facilitates communication through online instant messaging. Customers can reach out via chat or messaging platforms to inquire about products, pricing, or any other queries they may have.

Quotation Service

In-House Quotations: Cape Wire offers in-house quotation services. When customers need pricing information for specific wire products, they can request a customized quote directly from Cape Wire.

Tender Quotations: For larger projects or tenders, Cape Wire provides detailed quotations. These include pricing, specifications, and other relevant details to assist customers in their decision-making process.

Conter Sales and Advise

Cape Wire provides counter sales services, where customers can visit their physical location to purchase wire products directly. Additionally, they offer expert advice on wire-related queries, ensuring customers make informed decisions.

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