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About Us
 - A Brief History of Cape Wire 



At Cape Wire we specialise in the supply and distribution of wire, wire products, steel and wooden poles and all wire products used in the construction industry. We have a long history in Gqeberha (formally Port Elizabeth), dating back to 1990 when we started operating out of no. 134 Sutton Road, Sidwell.


For 32 years, Cape Wire serviced the needs of its customers from that location. But it was not the first business to do so. In fact, the same premises was used for manufacturing wire products and distribution of fencing and construction materials for about 45 years, before Cape Wires occupation. This shows the continuity and tradition of the industry in this area.

With the changes in business operations, post Covid, we moved into a better suited premises, across the freeway, to no. 14 Burman Road, Deal Party. The new site has offered us many benefits, with the largest being, the massive time savings in the receiving and dispatching of our stock. These savings made possible by having flat, a single level warehousing floor, compared to the stepped or multi-level we had in the past.


Cape Wire supplies all wire products used in the construction industry such as nails, wall ties, brick force, reinforcing steel and mesh. We take pride in the supply of fencing materials to the local and national fence erectors, who have always played an important role in Cape Wire's history and continues to do so.  

Our very knowledgeable sales staff, currently boasting a combined knowledge of more than 100 years, always greets every customer with a smile, and authentic enthusiastic attitude, where no customer request, is too big or too small. 

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