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Engineering & Construction

Galvanised wire shapes that are used to link two walls or a wall and a roof by being placed in the concrete between brick layers and also serve as a moisture movement by forcing water droplets to drop into the wall cavity.


Steel round bar sections cut and bent into shape and are placed in concrete to improve its ability to withstand stretching stresses.

Straighten and Cut Rod

Flat pieces of wire netting that are used for different applications such as barriers, racks, or dividers

Specimesh Panels

Looking for added strength and much neater overall look, then you can't go wrong with our galvanised steel fencing poles.

Steel Fencing Poles

Nails - Panel Pins

Nails - Ring Shank Nails

Nails - Galvanised Clout Nails

Nails - Round Wire Nails

Nails - Steel Nails

Reinforcing mesh is a type of weldmesh, that is made from welded wires in a grid pattern. It is used to reinforce concrete structures by improving the bonding of concrete and minimizing the cracking that may occur due to shrinkage.

Welded Reinforcing Mesh

A wire reinforcement that is placed horizontally between the layers of bricks to enhance their stability and reduce the risk of cracking due to movement or settlement.

Brick Force

A thin strip of iron that is fixed between door and window frames and the openings in a wall to join them permanently in place.

Hoop Iron

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