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Cape Wire

Cape Wire is a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of top quality, leading wire products, specializing in the supply of high quality wire for the Construction, Security, Agriculture, Industry and Mining sectors around South Africa. With over a century of combined experience in the supply and manufacturing of wire and wire products, Cape Wire’s staff strives to offer exceptional customer service, combined with world class, quality products.

Cape Wire have aligned themselves with international renowned associated brands and wire products to ensure that their high standards of quality, back up and support are never compromised.

Cape Wire Team

Sales Staff: Mike Cullum, Aubrey Cullum, Kokkie Smit, Rob Cullum, Gustav Cronje

Why Cape Wire?

  • Solid structured support infrastructure
  • Professional personalised service & support
  • Rapid turnaround time on Deliveries
  • Quality Manufactured Products

Cape Wire supplies the following wire products: Blockforce, Brickforce, Cable Trays, Round Wire Nails, Clout Nails, Masonary Nails, Oval Nails, Panel Pins, Roofing Screws, Welded Mesh Fabric, Z-Ties, Butterfly Ties, Crimped Ties, Hoop Iron, Preformed Wire Works, Stainless Steel Fixings, Bag Ties, Barbed Wire, Field Fence, Wire Netting, Steel Fence Sections, Wooden Fencing Posts, High Strain Wire, Diamond Mesh, Black Annealed Wire, Galvanised Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Hard Drawn Wire, Pvc Coated Wire, Straight & Cut Wire, Palisade Pales, Welded Mesh Fabric, Pvc Diamond Mesh, Welded Mesh, Tubular Fencing Posts, Razor Wire.