Vorarc Welding Products

VORARC WELDING was founded in 1982 as an engineering supply company, specialising in the procurement and supply of welding consumables. In 1984 the company started to manufacture submerged arc welding wires and in 1988 commenced development of submerged arc fluxes. At about the same time a small welding electrode extruder was acquired and this is used to manufacture specialised arc welding electrodes.

At the beginning of 1993 the company moved into its own newly built factory and continued to grow to its present size as the only manufacturer of sub-arc wires and fluxes in South Africa as well as the only manufacturer of submerged arc fluxes on the African continent.


Vorarc Welding is currently the largest supplier of submerged arc welding consumables in South Africa and exports to most other African countries, Mauritius, Australia and the U.K.

The company imports and distributes ETOS-6 solid MIG wires and E7IT-1 flux-cored wires under its own label to satisfy a growing need for these products in South Africa.

The company is ISO 9000 certified.